Global education program for developing multilingual human resources in Japan, NIS and Baltic countries (Ge-NIS) of the Re-inventing Japan (Russia) project at the University of Tsukuba organized a venue for discussing possibilities of mutual collaboration between Ge-NIS, Iida Sangyo Co., Ltd, and Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering. Within this initiative, Dr. Gareev from Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering, the Department of Expertise and Property Management, was invited to the University of Tsukuba from January 21-January 26, 2018.

On January 22, lecture in English entitled “Housing market in Russia: special characteristics and potential” was conducted by Dr. Gareev at the conference room of the Central Library, University of Tsukuba. During the lecture, Dr. Gareev provided information on the background of housing construction tendencies in Russia and specified problems and issues to be resolved due to the aging society in Russia. It was stated that there is still not enough research on law maintenance, housing industry in general and that more incentives by the Russian federal and local government, tertiary educational institutions should be taking place to encourage such research and systematize it. The lecture was followed by a dynamic Q&A session.

In the afternoon, a meeting with Prof. Mitsuru Ota (Faculty of Engineering, Information and Systems) was held. General tendencies of economic strategies of housing construction were discussed with the emphasis on differences between Japan and Russia. After the meeting, Prof. Ota invited Dr. Gareev to attend a 3rd year students’ class where students were preparing for group presentations of their original projects based on data from Statistics Bureau of Japan. A group of students explained about their project of planning a bridge-building technology.

On the afternoon of January 25, Ge-NIS program affiliates, assistant professor Elena Tsygalnitsky and researcher Grigory Misochko accompanied Dr. Gareev to the meeting at Iida Sangyo Headquarters, located at Musashino city of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. The meeting addressed an issue of introducing a high level Japanese technology and reliable building techniques to the Russian Federation and the Russian market.

The meeting was attended by the representatives of Iida Sangyo Holdings Co., Ltd. (Mr. Okawa (person in charge of the Russian office), Mr. Kitano, Mr. Murata) and House Plus representatives led by Mr. Honma, general manager of Engineering management department. Since 2015, Iida Sangyo Holdings Co., Ltd. has been involved in organizing a Japanese business internship course (1 credit), aimed at foreign students from Russian-speaking countries of the University of Tsukuba. To present, more than 150 students have completed this course. This internship course is one of the examples of support of educational activities for global human resources by Iida Sangyo Holdings Co., Ltd.


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